PlayAction Products are constructed of space age polymers, which means no leather to rot or metal to corrode. Our fighting belts, rod harnesses, teasers and lures are used with great success for trolling, bottom fishing, stand-up fishing, live-baiting and flats fishing all over the world.

Most Play Action rod belts are equipped with soft rubber padding, meaning that when pressure is applied, the belt will actually grip your clothing and not slip. Whether battling a fierce wahoo or straining against a hefty grouper, you can always depend on your Play Action rod belt to withstand the rigors of hardcore fishing. Browse through our wide selection to find the belt suitable for your fishing needs.

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Our quality teasers are affectionately titled Teazzzers to remind you of that screaming drag you'll be hearing more and more once you have one of these in your spread. Browse through the following products to find the ones suited for your favorite types of fishing.

Some of Play Action's Teazzzers such as those in the Bowling Pin Series are designed to vibrate erratically in the water and are painted to resembled injured prey. Others like the Mirror Mate Series flash light rays through the water with built-in mirrors, a trait said to especially attract female fish. Pieces in our Bird Series flutter on the ocean surface to imitate fleeing baitfish, while noise is the main attractant feature in our Big Kahuna which is equipped with a special rattle.

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